About Central Florida Tree Care, Lakeland, FL

We strive to provide the best possible service and professional tree care in Lakeland, FL.

We know when shopping around for a tree service provider in Lakeland, Florida, all you really want is a company that is fair with their prices, not going to rip you off, do what they say they will do, be licensed & insured, work safely, and ultimately not destroy your property!

Well, here at Central Florida Tree Care, we have all that covered and much more!

Not just that… We have amazing testimonials from our customers to back it up.

Central Florida Tree Care is a locally owned family business based out of Lakeland, Florida and servicing the Polk County area. We pride ourselves on providing a premium service at an affordable price, doing what we say we will do, going above and beyond for our customers, working safely, and treating your home and property with the respect it deserves.

To provide our valued customers with the most professional tree care services, we keep ourselves up to date with the most current issues that affect the arborist industry. One of the ways in which we do this is by having members of our staff regularly attend industry meetings and conventions in order to make sure that they are receiving the most up to date knowledge and awareness of the latest products, practices and techniques. Beyond this, we also practice ongoing training for all employees. We also make sure that OSHA and ANSI Z133.1 safety protocols are always in practice on the job.

We have a strong reputation among our customers and local area. We have a very solid and loyal client base, who always come back to us, and provide ongoing referrals to others for our outstanding work. We believe that the quality of our service, amazing reliability, honesty, and a great reputation are to thank for that. Our team works diligently according to approved industry guidelines, and are all experienced, well trained, respectful and professional. We take great pride in our work, and we promise you total satisfaction in our services. If the situation of a concern or issue should present itself, we will always resolve it as quickly and fairly as possible, in order to guarantee you the top-notch service that we stand behind.