Situations that Call for Emergency Tree Services

Most of the time, you can plan for the tree services you need, such as pruning, planting, relocation, and removal. However, there are situations in which you need to be able to call for emergency tree services. Here are a few of the times when you don’t want to wait long to get someone at your home or business to resolve an issue:

  • Storm Damage – When a severe storm rolls through and you find a heavy branch has fallen or looks ready to fall, depending on where it has landed or could land, you’ll want to call for emergency tree services. For example, if it has fallen on your home, you need it removed so the roof can be repaired before additional water damage inside your home can occur. If it looks like one could fall on your home, vehicle or power lines, it is better to get it resolved before it falls.

Emergency Tree Services

  • Pre-Storm Preparation – While not as urgent as post-storm emergency tree services, getting your tree pruning done when a severe storm, such as a hurricane, is headed your way could help you experience less serious storm damage.
  • Tree Down in Driveway – If you’ve had a tree fall across your driveway, your employer might be understanding about one day off to handle it, but you don’t want to push your luck taking days to get tree removal done. In this instance, calling for emergency tree services is reasonable and advised.

If you have a need for emergency tree services, give us a call at Central Florida Tree Care. We understand that some situations call for prompt response but that doesn’t mean you should face an extravagant bill. We are always fair with our prices while providing you with a premium service that will get your life back to normal.