When You Should Call for Emergency Tree Services

In many emergencies, it’s easy to know whether you should call a professional. If your child has the sniffles, you probably aren’t going to rush them straight to the emergency room. If your basement floods because your water heater broke, you know who to call. But what about your trees? If something happened to your trees, would you know who to call? Here at Central Florida Tree Care, we want to be there for you and your trees in your time of need. We can help you with emergency tree services to best care for your trees. There are many times when you should call for emergency tree services, such as:

•  A downed or nearly downed treeStorms can wreak havoc on your trees, especially larger ones with more surface area and shallow roots. While many trees might lose branches or leaves during a storm, if you have a tree that is practically falling over, has been uprooted, or has actually landed on your home or other buildings, you should call for emergency tree services.

Emergency Tree Services

•  Trees on a power lineIf your trees are too close to a power line, even if they are small enough for you to handle, you should stay clear and call on emergency tree services, as well as the power company. Our expert training keeps us safe, and we don’t want you to risk being seriously harmed to clear some trees!

•  Assess your trees after a stormSo the winds have changed and blown through, the rain has stopped, and the sun is shining once more . . . you must be in the clear, right? Not quite! After a storm, call for emergency tree services to come and check your property for damage to your trees that a novice might miss. Occasionally, even a tree that looks fine can pose a problem in a future storm or will die soon from the damage sustained in a current storm. Regular visits by professionals will ensure your trees are always in their best shape.

If you have weathered the storms but had trees that were not so lucky, please call use today at Central Florida Tree Care for the best in emergency tree services. We are here to serve you 24/7.