Stump Remover, Polk County, FL

Unsightly stump? Don’t worry; our stump remover will make your Polk Country property look great again.

Stump Remover in Polk County, Florida
Have you been looking at an unsightly stump on your Polk County, Florida property because you have no idea how to make it go away? Your solution is to call us at Central Florida Tree Care. Instead of trying to hide the stump with plants, turn it into a less than appealing carving, or attempt what could be a dangerous task on your own, count on us to restore your property properly by sending a stump remover professional and the proper equipment to handle the job.

We have the capabilities to handle any size stump located anywhere on your property. We are able to get into even the tightest situations because we have equipment that can fit through a 36” gate. You can call on us just for stump remover services or to handle complete tree removal, which we highly recommend due to the inherent dangers involved.

Your stump remover professional will give you the option to have the grindings mixed with the soil and placed into the stump hole or, for an extra charge, we can remove the grindings and bring in soil. This is also a good opportunity to plant a new tree or bush in that space. Whichever way you decide to go, you can be confident that your property will be free of wood splinters that could cause trouble for your family or pets.

You can call on us if you need a stump remover at your home or business property, or if you need any other tree services, such as pruning or land clearing. We are confident you’ll be more than pleased with the professionalism of our team and the quality of our results. We look forward to taking your call and providing the solution you need.

At Central Florida Tree Care, we can use a stump remover to remove tree stumps on your property in Plant City, Kissimmee, or Polk County, Florida, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City, Lake Wales, Polk City, and Auburndale.