Tree Services, Lakeland, FL

Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive tree services that keep your property looking its best in Lakeland.

At Central Florida Tree Care, we know that your ability to enjoy your property begins with a healthy landscape. From pulling up to your workplace to enjoying your weekend outside in the yard, knowing that you have trees that are healthy can make a big difference in the way you view and appreciate your outdoor spaces.

Tree Services, Lakeland, Florida

There may be times, however, that you need tree services because of storm damage, a tree that’s aging out, or that is standing dangerously close to your home or business. The good news is that our team at Central Florida Tree Care is equipped to provide comprehensive tree services that keep your property looking its best in Lakeland, Florida.

  • Tree Trimming – Tree trimming is one of our routine tree services, which can be an important way to manage risks and maintain healthier trees.
  • Stump Grinding – There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get rid of a tree stump. Ask us about our stump grinding services!
  • Tree Removal – Although having trees as part of your landscape is important, sometimes it’s necessary to schedule tree removal. We offer free estimates and quality work that will leave you with an improved landscape.

Why Preventative Tree Services are So Important

If you are having an issue with trees on your Lakeland, Florida property, you know you have little choice about calling for tree services. However, it is important to recognize that ongoing preventative tree services are equally important for a variety of reasons, and you can get the care you need from us at Central Florida Tree Care.

  • Healthier Trees– Preventative tree services are important for keeping your trees as healthy as possible. It can take a lifetime to grow a tree to maturity, so keeping them healthy so you can continue to enjoy them is vital.
  • Catch Disease Early– With regular tree services, your trees can be inspected for signs of disease that can be resolved before the tree dies. Pruning off diseased limbs keeps the disease from spreading throughout the tree.
  • Aesthetics– Trees have a way of growing in the oddest fashions sometimes, and although that might be fine in a forest, you want the trees in your yard to be their best. To have the beautiful trees you want to view every day takes trimming and other tree services.
  • Withstand Severe Weather– Stronger trees are better able to survive severe weather such as hurricane-force winds. Regular tree services to prune off dead branches will not only make your trees stronger, but will also avoid having those limbs damage your home in a storm.
  • Preserve Your Roof– If you have trees with branches that extend over your home’s roof, it is important to keep them trimmed so they do not dig into the roofing material when it is windy.

Contact us today if you are looking for a professional tree service company that will help you achieve your best outdoor spaces. Our team at Central Florida Tree Care is here for you!




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