Tree Removal, Lakeland, FL

Choose Central Florida Tree Care and have your Lakeland tree removal done right the first time!

At Central Florida Tree Care, we can remove trees of any size or condition, safely and efficiently. We have the ability to remove trees from hard to reach areas, even where the equipment won’t fit. Have a large tree in a small yard, towering over your Lakeland, Florida house? No problem. Need a tree removal next to your pool hanging over your pool screen? Give us a call and we’ll handle it for you. How about that tree with limbs spanning over five backyards that your neighbors and you have discussed removing? Consider it done!

Regardless of the condition of the tree, whether it be dead, damaged, unsafe, falling, or done damage to property, we have the experienced staff and all of the imaginable equipment needed to get the job done. Whether the job be routine or an emergency in nature, we have everything you need to assure a safe and clean job, with no hassle!

We take special care when working on tree removal jobs at your Lakeland property and ensure that all safety precautions are met. For your security, we make sure that OSHA and ANSI safety protocols and guidelines are implemented. Our past and current customers know that when they hire our team at Central Florida Tree Care, they can have complete faith that they can rely on top-grade, highly skilled professionals to complete even the most complex, dangerous tree removal.

As one could well imagine, tree removal or trimming / pruning can be dangerous, possibly damaging, and even fatal if performed by inexperienced professionals or property owners. Beyond the possibility of harm to an employee or crew member who is inexperienced or careless, anyone in the area from pedestrians to drivers can be injured in the process as well.

Tree work in general should not be left to the poorly trained, unskilled or careless. When working with chainsaws, or dealing with equipment and tree parts that can weigh well over one thousand pounds, there is very little room for error. Tree removal is a serious business, and there is no room for guessing and careless execution. This is why you should always make sure you hire an insured, experienced company with the proper credentials for your tree removal needs! You should always make sure you have hired a company that is licensed, has the proper certifications, and is insured! Ask questions and be thorough to avoid a costly or irreversible mistake. At Central Florida Tree Care, we guarantee that we possess all the assets that we have mentioned are important.

Tree removal is only part of the process, as we never leave a job without performing all necessary clean up. This includes removing all brush and debris, raking and cleaning up your yard, and cleaning up any sawdust that may have been left as a result. We may even touch on adjoining properties and sidewalks when necessary and feasible. it is very important to us to leave your property the way it was before we came- and even better if possible!

Choose Central Florida Tree Care and have your tree removal done right the first time!

At Central Florida Tree Care, we offer tree removal services in Plant City, Kissimmee, and Polk County, Florida, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City, Lake Wales, Polk City, and Auburndale.