Tree Trimming, Lakeland, FL

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The benefits of tree trimming are extensive, with the first and most important being to keep the safety of the people around the tree as the number one priority. A dead or fragile branch can fall at any time, putting people, buildings, and power lines nearby at risk. Removing these dead or falling limbs and keeping a tree maintained in a safe state is always the best course of action. However, as each tree varies, pruning itself can also be very dangerous, depending on the size and location of the branch. In the interest of your own safety, we believe you should let an expert do any branch trimming you’re not absolutely comfortable and confident in doing. At Central Florida Tree Care, we can handle all of your tree trimming needs in Lakeland, Florida!
Tree Trimming in Lakeland, Florida

The Effects of Tree Trimming on Growth and Structure

Besides safety concerns, trimming a tree is important, as it can influence how the tree grows. With proper pruning, you can foster tree growth in such a way that is more ideal for the structural integrity of the tree. If a tree is strong in structure, there is less chance of broken limbs and falling branches. A correctly pruned tree will have proper branch structures and weight distribution that will help ensure a longer, healthier life for the tree and reduce the chance of disaster. Structural pruning can also help with the aesthetic appeal of a tree, as proper tree trimming can influence the way in which a tree grows.

Beware of Over-Trimming

While proper tree trimming is important, it can also be detrimental to remove too much. The general rule of thumb is that you should prune the smallest possible amount, while still achieving the desired effect. Pruning more than 1/4 of the crown of a tree is not ideal, as most of the leaves are found here, which is where the tree gets its energy. Over-trimming can cause severe damage the tree, especially if it is done too quickly.

The Benefits of Our Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming provides a host of benefits for your trees in terms of their safety, health, and beauty. To gain these benefits, you have to work with a tree care service that not only knows what they’re doing, but is also committed to excellent workmanship. Here at Central Florida Tree Care, we’re committed to the beauty of your trees and helping you maintain a safe environment in Lakeland, which is why we always trim and prune trees with absolute precision and care.

If you ask any one of our customers, they’ll tell you that we help them take care of great trees in addition to providing superior customer service. While the success of your tree trimming project is of paramount importance to us, so is building a lasting relationship with you. We want to be the source you turn to for any of your tree care needs, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

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