Tree Trimmer, Lakeland, FL

With years of experience as a tree trimmer, we believe that professional attention of your trees is the best way to enjoy a safe and healthy yard in Lakeland.

When you need a tree trimmer, there is no better place to call than Central Florida Tree Care. Not only do we offer routine tree care services, but as your preferred tree trimmer, we offer the solutions needed for a variety of dangerous tree care situations.

Tree Trimmer in Lakeland, Florida
With years of experience as a tree trimmer, we believe that professional attention of your trees is the best way to enjoy a safe and healthy yard in Lakeland, Florida. We provide tree trimming services for tight spots and dangerous hanging branches, and we can even assist with 24-hour care if you have a tree emergency.

With proper pruning, your trees are less likely to pose a threat to you or your property. When you call on us because you need a tree trimmer, we’ll provide a full assessment of your trees, give reliable feedback about their condition, and provide the trimming services needed to restore and rejuvenate your trees. We recommend proper pruning for young trees to establish healthy growth, as well as older trees to maintain their structural integrity and health.

When to Call for Tree Trimmer Services

Keeping the trees on your Lakeland, Florida property healthy is critical if you want them to grow into beautiful, mature trees or prevent needing to remove them. Calling us at Central Florida Tree Care for our tree trimming services is part of maintaining the beauty and the health of your trees. Here are a few tips about when to call us that can help you stay on top of this vital task.

  • Branches Touching Roof- While this situation is more of a concern for your home’s roof than it is the tree, having a branch on the roof that shifts when there is a breeze can be damaging to both the roof and the tree.
  • Branches Growing Near Utility Lines- You might have noticed that crews are sent out every so often to determine if there are trees growing too close to utility lines and take care of those that are. The advantage of having them handle the trimming instead of calling our tree trimmer is that it doesn’t cost you anything. The downside, however, is they typically don’t do a great job. It is not unusual for them to completely kill a tree because they’ve cut it back too far or they make it look like the tree was butchered by an overzealous chain saw enthusiast.
  • Branches Creating Too Much Shade- For some people, dealing with the Florida heat means you can never have too much shade. However, if you actually enjoy sunshine and natural light coming into your home, a bit of trimming can resolve the issue of having too much shade.
  • Before Severe Weather- Calling a tree trimmer before a storm helps to prevent flying debris that can cause injury or damage to your home or others in the neighborhood.

Knowing that you have an experienced and knowledgeable tree care company on your side can make all the difference when you need a tree trimmer for routine maintenance or for an emergency. At Central Florida Tree Care, we are proud to offer you premium tree services at an affordable price. Contact us today if you need a tree trimmer or have questions about our tree care solutions. We look forward to providing for all your tree care needs.

At Central Florida Tree Care, our tree trimmers proudly serve Plant City, Kissimmee, and Polk County, Florida, including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Haines City, Lake Wales, Polk City, and Auburndale.